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The Horse Trailer Made in Changzhou is Connected with London Olympic Games

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The insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride. Most of people only watch the equestrian event. Recently the reporter learns that a company in Changzhou is closed related to equestrian sports. The solar sedan made by Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. will reach London on the opening day of 2012 Olympic Games and probably appear on the opening ceremony .

Export more than 1,000 Horse Trailers 

The transport vehicle and refitted vehicle are often used for transport of horses in domestic equestrian events, causing injury repeatedly. The horse trailer manufacturing industry is one of the most important matching industries for horseracing.

Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer in domestic horse trailer marker. More than 1,000 horse trailers have been exported to Australia, New Zealand and Iceland since 2007.

The horse trailers produced by Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. are divided into horse loading and horse trailer loading. Both can be used for carrying horses and residence, the former is mainly used for equestrian sports and events and the latter is equipped with kitchen, shower room, work room, and water and electricity system.

“Pony Trek from Beijing to London—the Host Cities of Olympic Games”

The activity of “Pony Trek from Beijing to London—the Host Cities of Olympic Games” lasted for four years from Beijing to London. The team was led by Megan · Levis, a British old lady. It aimed to strengthen the influence after Beijing Olympic Games and publicize London Olympic Games.

““After we knew, we contact with the Chinese Equestrian Association, and plan to provide two horse trailers, one is horse loading and the other is horse trailer loading”, Deputy General Manager of Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Li Leigang said, “The professional horse trailer is of great significance to the hard journey.””

After 20 days we promised to sponsor the activity, the first horse trailer was delivered to the site of activity. Ms. Megan spoke highly of the horse trailer. She wrote in her letter of thanks:“the horse trailer has excellent using effect on the flat road. The kitchen, basin and solar energy in the horse trailer allow us to enjoy the journey. I appreciate the sponsor. Their products are very nice and will have broad market.”

he Three Vehicles

The horse trailer worth more than RMB 100,000 guaranteed the first stage of journey from Beijing to Jiayu Pass.

Ms. Megan changed the route at the second stage and wanted to go through the gorge. On April 1st, 2010, Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. donated another horse trailer worth more than RMB 200,000 in one month after we received the request.

““It is equipped with the air conditioning system and rescue equipment compared with the first vehicle.” Li Leigang said. The first horse trailer is only suitable for short distance and good road condition, while the second self-propelled horse trailer is spacious enough to place hay, feed and devices and suitable for long distance and complex road conditions.

In spring 2011, the team will get to Yining, and transfer to the third vehicle provided by Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.—the horse trailer loading worth RMB 500,000.

Li Leigang said, the first vehicle was delivered back to Changzhou and would be permanently stored. The second vehicle would be placed in Beijing and the third vehicle would probably appear on London Olympic Games, and would be auctioned for the children’s foundation.

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