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The Domestic Professional Horse Trailer Has Broad Development Prospect

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Now the non-professional vehicles are often used to transport horses when the domestic equestrian team takes part in the national competition, causing injury of horses repeatedly. The domestic equestrian sports lag behind in the aspect of technology and hardware including professional horse trailer.

The Chinese Equestrian Association pays attention to the development of equestrian sports matching industry including professional horse trailer. Now more than 20 provinces and cities have their own equestrian delegation. There are about 70 equestrian clubs and about 100,000 employees in Beijing, laying a foundation to the professionalism of horseracing and equestrian sports.

Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer in domestic horse trailer market. The professional horse trailer has been developed by virtue of the foreign advanced technology and process and foreign vehicle experts and is more professional and safer than the simply refitted horse trailer. The domestic professional horse trailer fills in the blank of domestic equestrian sports. With the constant economic development, especially after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, more and more people participate in equestrian sports, and more and more high-quality and high-price horses are imported, so the demands of professional horse trailers will be higher. Most of our products are exported. With the development of domestic horse trailer market, our company also prepare to target at the provincial and municipal equestrian sports teams and clubs affiliated to the Chinese Equestrian Association.

The horse trailers produced by our company look like van vehicle, van semi/full trailer, motor caravan and dumper trailer. The vehicle is equipped with the special devices and facilities needed in horse transport process. Some horse trailers have a rest room and fitness and entertainment facilities (part of or all function of sedan).

The Horse Trailers mainly include self-propelled and trailer (semitrailer and full trailer) by mode of traction; single-horse, two-horse, three-horse, four-horse and five-horse by the number of horses, straight-carried and tilting-carried type by transport type; horse loading and horse trailer loading by function.

The Horse Trailer produced by our company can serve various equestrian sports and contests, and are commonly known as equestrian vehicle such as horse trailer, equine ambulance and horse feed vehicle. The horse trailers used for private horseracing, equestrian club, fitness, leisure and tourist activities for individual and family are commonly known as horse culture leisure & residence vehicle, can be used for carrying horses, are equipped with living facilities such as kitchenware, sanitaryware and cabinet, and are taken as the work and leisure place for the rider and others.


1) Practical, Durable and Attractive Special-purpose Body

The body is more practical and durable as the frame and the inner and outer skins are made from hot galvanizing materials or processed by hot galvanizing; paint-free glass reinforced plastic integrated dome roof is resistant to heat and cold, and is provided with a skylight or solar energy ventilator thereon for air convection, so as to make interior air unimpeded. The streamline body designed will greatly reduce wind resistance, and is more special and elegant.

2)Adopt Imported Horse Trailer Special Parts as Major Parts

For example: floor unit combined by hard composite board and rubber sheet, both are special materials that have high load capacity, and are featured by anticorrosion, anti-skidding, antiseep, shock resistance, acoustic absorption, flame retardance, eco-friendliness and easy cleaning.

3)Equip a Special Device for Horse to Get On/Off Vehicles

It is arranged at the rear door of the vehicle or at the front lateral side sometimes. It can be turned over into a slope on the ground, the slope and the touchdown parts are made from acoustic material which gives effective protection for horses that get on or off the vehicle, avoiding horse scared by large sound.

4)Special Protective Devices for Horse inside the Vehicle

There are horse hooks, chest shield, protective railings, front protective device, lateral protective device, and rear protective device which are all provided with heavy flexible package to prevent collision between horses or horse and vehicle in the process of moving. The protective railings are detachable, convenient for horse to get on or get off vehicle in sequence, and the mobile crash parts are connected by acoustic material for the purpose of reducing interior noise. There are sliding windows at the two sides of vehicles for ventilation and observation, and the windows are made from high strength polycarbonate sheets that will get rid of damages to horse after crushed because of non glass material. The trimming and upholstery are flame resistant, the design for other parts inside eliminates any possibility to injure horse, and fasteners are specially designed without protruding. It is possible to adjust the height of the protective railings according to different horses, or make it underlay inside for first aid to horse if necessary. There are feed bags for horses, convenient to feed them in driving.

5)Special Water System

It contains a high-capacity tank (special for sedan), a 12V/24V water pump for vehicle, a pool, water faucets inside and outside the vehicle, a sewage holder, used for interior cleaning (in particular to necessary cleaning of horse excreta during long-distance transport), drinking water of horse or domestic water during leisure and sojourn.

6)Temporary Storage of Excreta

In transportation process, in especial long distance, it is provided with a device to store horse excreta with a view to protect road environment.

7)Special Storage Devices for Saddlery

There are professional saddlery cabinets and luggage carrier for storing saddle, horse cloth, toiletries for horses, and knight outfits.

8)Monitoring Devices

During transport, especially costly thoroughbreds, race horse or horse to be treated in long distance, it is required to install a monitoring device, making drivers or grooms to learn the conditions of horse in all process.

9)Living Facilities

Some vehicles are provided with some living facilities including cabinets, kitchenware, toilet, bed, locker, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, lightings or others, which make horse owners or grooms to well take care of horses and themselves.

10)Lighting and Signal Devices

There are LED lamps for lighting and signal devices, which enables driving to be safer and more reliable.

11)External Devices and Facilities

t is possible to equip fence that can be unfolded at outside space, retractable sunshade and horse hooks, letting people and horses be relaxed outdoors.